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SubjectRe: [git patches] libata updates
Jeff Garzik wrote:

>Chuck Ebbert wrote:
>>Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>>Jeff Garzik (8):
>>> libata/IDE: remove combined mode quirk
>>You can't just remove the "combined_mode=" kernel parameter or
>>every Linux user who uses that will get an unbootable kernel
>>with no good way of diagnosing the problem. It should still
>>be accepted and just print a warning.
>No, most modern distros will simply Just Work(tm) due to mount by label,
>udev, and similar gadgets.
>As long as you have at least one (if not both) ATA drivers, you have a
>kernel that will boot your hardware. And by definition those using
>combined_mode= do indeed have the necessary drivers.
> Jeff
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Please don't do this!

Yeah the kernel will boot but the hd performance is sh*t on my laptop. I
am running FC6 with
kernel 2.6.21 and without the combined_mode setting my disk performance
goes down to a
whopping 1.25mb/sec from 44mb/sec when I boot with combined_mode=libata.
It make my
system unusable!



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