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    SubjectRe: getting processor numbers
    Davide Libenzi wrote:
    > It sucks when seen from a micro-bench POV, but does it really matter
    > overall? The vast majority of software usually calls
    > sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_*) with very little frequency (mostly once at
    > initialization time) anyway. That's what 50us / call?

    This is not today's situation. Yes, 10 years ago when I added the
    support to glibc it wasn't much of a problem. But times change. As I
    said before in this thread, OpenMP by default scales the number of
    threads used for a parallel loops depending on the number of available
    processors/cores and therefore the number must be retrieved every time
    (with perhaps minimal caching of a few secs, but this requires
    gettimeofday calls...). All of a sudden this is not micro benchmark
    anymore. It's a real issue which we only became aware of because it is
    noticeable in real life.

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