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SubjectRe: checkpatch, a patch checking script.

On Apr 27 2007 22:58, Roland Dreier wrote:
>--- 2007-04-27 20:30:34.000000000 -0700
>+++ 2007-04-27 22:54:42.000000000 -0700
>@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@
> $warnings += search(qr/kernel_thread\(/, "Use kthread abstraction instead of kernel_thread()\n");
> $warnings += search(qr/typedef/, "Do not add new typedefs.\n");
> $warnings += search(qr/uint32_t/, "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __u32 etc.\n");
>- $warnings += search(qr/BUG(_ON)\(/, "Use WARN_ON & Recovery code rather than BUG() and BUG_ON()\n");
>+ $warnings += search(qr/(?<!BUILD_)BUG(_ON)\(/, "Use WARN_ON & Recovery code rather than BUG() and BUG_ON()\n");

I wonder what the capture is for?
(?<!BUILD_)BUG(?:_ON) if you ask me :)
But you could also use...
which rules out a BUILD_BUG_ON, because _ does not constitute a word
boundary, since _ is in \w.

And since when is uint32_t wrong? What makes u32 or __u32 better?
We have sprintf, (k)asprintf, abs(), etc. etc. etc. tons of functions
named similar to their ISO C counterparts, but when it comes to types,
we make an exception?

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