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SubjectRe: checkpatch, a patch checking script.
 > shows
> what fell out of running it on my mbox of lkml from the past month.
> Some of them are kinda noisy, and perhaps should be moved under --pedantic
> I'm all ears for additional regexps, bug reports or other suggestions.

Looks great... however I notice a few obvious false positives in the
example log:

> Don't init statics to 0/NULL:
> 94312:+static const struct in6_addr in6addr_v4mapped = { { { [10] = 0xff, [11] = 0xff } } };


> 137054:+static uint32_t drvr_ver = 0x02200207;

that ain't zero...

> 230079:+ path->static_rate = 0;

and that ain't a static variable.

I guess trying to parse C in a regexp is a little tricky.

Also, it would be nice to be able to do something like

git diff v2.6.20..|perl ~/ -

rather than having to create a temp file -- as it stands that command

unknown option: -
usage: [-options] file(s)
-allsource : check entire source file, not just '+' patch lines
-pedantic : TBD
-style : TBD
-v, --verbose : verbose
-h, --help : this help text
Version: 002

And even worse

git diff v2.6.20..|perl ~/

just silently does nothing (maybe a "no input files" warning would be
a good clue for people).

- R.
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