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SubjectRe: [00/17] Large Blocksize Support V3
On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Nick Piggin wrote:

> But I maintain that the end result is better than the fragmentation
> based approach. A lot of people don't actually want a bigger page
> cache size, because they want efficient internal fragmentation as
> well, so your radix-tree based approach isn't really comparable.

Me? Radix tree based approach? That approach is in the kernel. Do not
create a solution where there is no problem. If we do not want to
support large blocksizes then lets be honest and say so instead of
redefining what a block is. The current approach is fine if one is
satisfied with scatter gather and the VM overhead coming with handling
these pages. I fail to see what any of what you are proposing would add to

Lets be clear here: A bigger page cache size if its just one is not
useful. 4k page size is a good size for many files on the system and
chaning it would break the binary format.. I just do not want it to be the
only one because different usage scenarios may require differnet page
sizes for optimal application performance.

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