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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] Kconfig: cleanup s390 v2.
On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 14:30:11 -0700 Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> But that only applies to things which I merge. There's heaps of stuff
> coming in via the git trees which is obviously inadequately reviewed - look
> at all the instances of open-coded kernel_thread() which were merged after
> the kthread() API was introduced, for example.
> And other basic stuff like "use mutexes, not semaphores":
> box:/usr/src/25> grep '^+.*[ ]down[ ]*[(]' patches/git-*.patch | wc -l
> 32
> Ever wonder where all those whitespace bugs are coming from?
> box:/usr/src/25> grep '^+.*[ ]if[(]' patches/git-*.patch | wc -l
> 265
> box:/usr/src/25> grep '^+.*[ ]while[(]' patches/git-*.patch | wc -l
> 35
> Code which use spaces where it should be using tabs?
> box:/usr/src/25> grep '^+ ' patches/git-*.patch | wc -l
> 1346

It would be neat if someone could create and maintain a new
scripts/spot-common-mistakes. Feed it a unified diff and it would complain
about newly-added code (and only newly-added code) which has busted
whitespace, adds new semaphores, adds new kernel_thread calls, etc, etc.

It would need to be fairly simple and easily-extensible, as I can
imagine quite a few things getting added to it.

(Imagines a procmail rule which just bounces the email if
spot-common-mistakes failed)

> Heaven knows how many more serious problems are being snuck into the tree
> via this route.

But it won't solve this problem.
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