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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE][PATCH] Kcli - Kernel command line interface.
Matt Ranon wrote:
> The Jem team is pleased to announce the release of Kcli, an in-kernel command line interface. Kcli is intended for a special class of embedded Linux applications. The Linux kernel has become the defacto standard OS for embedded applications. This means that Linux is getting bent in some ways that may appear strange to some. One of these ways, is embedded applications that do not use user space. User space consists of a statically linked, one line program, that simply sleeps forever, transforming Linux into a classical embedded RTOS. VxWorks developers will understand what we are talking about, and they may recall how much they depend on the VxWorks shell. Kcli attempts to meet the need for a shell for this class of embedded Linux applications.

We already have that, it's called initramfs; you can use either busybox
or klibc ash in this space, and no need to run it in kernel space.

Running this kind of crap in kernel space is lunacy in the extreme.


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