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SubjectRe: [REPORT] cfs-v4 vs sd-0.44

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> sorry, i was a bit imprecise here. There is a case where CFS can give
> out a 'loan' to tasks. The scheduler tick has a low resolution, so it
> is fundamentally inevitable [*] that tasks will run a bit more than
> they should, and at a heavy context-switching rates these errors can
> add up significantly. Furthermore, we want to batch up workloads.
> So CFS has a "no loans larger than sched_granularity_ns" policy (which
> defaults to 5msec), and it captures these sub-granularity 'loans' with
> nanosec accounting. This too is a very sane economic policy and is
> anti-infationary :-)

at which point i guess i should rename CFS to 'EFS' (the Economic Fair
Scheduler)? =B-)

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