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SubjectRe: Question about Reiser4
On 4/23/07, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> To get it unstuck we'd need a general push, get people looking at and
> testing
> the code, get the vendors to have a serious think about it, etc. We could
> do
> that - it'd require that the namesys people (and I) start making threatening
> noises about merging it, I guess.
> Or we could move all the reiser4 code into kernel/sched.c - that seems to
> get
> people fired up.
> -

Just an idea: And what about creating a new tree (like -r4),
maintained by namesys people, tested by several people, with dedicated
mailing list, etc.?

That way, the code could be patched, updated and cleaned over the time
(without firing up people), it could be tested without pain, people
would send more bug reports and every work would be centralized.
Reiser4 would get much more attention.

Miguel Ojeda
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