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SubjectRe: [d_path 0/7] Fixes to d_path: Respin
> As far as I can see, glibc internally looks at /proc/mounts (or else mtab) to
> find out where tmpfs is mounted for opening files there, and to look up
> filesystem information for statfs(), while accessing that path, too. Fstatfs()
> also looks into the same files, but it only matches by filesystem type, so this
> is only a very unreliable heuristic, anyway.
> So judging from that, glibc users should be fine.

So glibc does use it and you will change behaviour

> > I disagree - firstly because of not breaking stuff, and secondly because
> > it separates two discussions - merging AppArmor being one of them , and
> > the correct behaviour for getcwd & /proc/mounts being the other.
> I agree with the separation of discussion argument. Here are patches that
> change getcwd() and /proc/mounts independent of the changes that AppArmor
> depends on.

More useful would be AppArmour without the changes to getcwd
and /proc/mounts
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