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SubjectRe: PCI bridge range sizing bug

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Jesse Barnes wrote:
> Sounds good, hopefully reassigning the bridge resources won't cause too
> much trouble. Do you have time to hack this up? If not, I could give
> it a try, as long as ajax is willing to test...

Actually, I would suggest we not do it automatically (because the need for
it is just so low, and the downsides are potentially huge - there are just
too many resources that are "hidden" from us through ACPI tricks and
having hardware that doesn't actually expose their PCI resources fully
through the normal PCI resource setup).

So I'd suggest that at least initially, we could/should just make it a
decision based on a command line flag like the "pci=assign-busses" thing
is now (which forces bus *numbers* to be re-assigned regardless of how
they were assigned by the firmware, not the actual resources).

Because realistically, I don't think we'll see any common PC platform that
actually needs it. Simply because I seriously doubt Windows reassignes bus
resources either.

Ivan, want to add some way to force that allocation (something like

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