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    SubjectRe: [patch 17/17] Add a sched_clock paravirt_op
    On Monday 02 April 2007 07:57, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
    > The tsc-based get_scheduled_cycles interface is not a good match for
    > Xen's runstate accounting, which reports everything in nanoseconds.
    > This patch replaces this interface with a sched_clock interface, which
    > matches both Xen and VMI's requirements.
    > In order to do this, we:
    > 1. replace get_scheduled_cycles with sched_clock
    > 2. hoist cycles_2_ns into a common header
    > 3. update vmi accordingly
    > One thing to note: because sched_clock is implemented as a weak
    > function in kernel/sched.c, we must define a real function in order to
    > override this weak binding. This means the usual paravirt_ops
    > technique of using an inline function won't work in this case.

    I think it would be much cleaner if you didn't implement your own sched_clock,
    but you adjust ns_base/last_tsc to account for your lost cycles.
    This could be done cleanly by adding a new function to sched-clock.c
    Possibly such a function could be used by other parts of the kernel
    in the future too.

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