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SubjectRe: [PATCH] macintosh/mediabay: Convert to kthread API.
On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 01:58:50 -0600
"Eric W. Biederman" <> wrote:

> This patch modifies the startup of the media_bay_task
> to use kthread_run and not a combination of kernel_thread,
> deamonize and sigfillset.
> In addition since we now always want to ignore signals
> the MB_IGNORE_SIGNALS define is removed along with the
> test for signal_pending.
> The result is slightly simpler code that is more
> maintainable.

Looks OK - there's no way of stopping the kernel thread anyway.

It appears that nobody has tried to use this driver at the same time as
software-suspend. At least, not successfully. A strategic try_to_freeze()
should fix it.

This will become (a little) more serious when cpu hotplug is switched to
use the process freezer, and perhaps it breaks kprobes already.

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