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    SubjectRe: [Announce] [patch] Modular Scheduler Core and Completely Fair Scheduler [CFS]

    * Andrew Morton <> wrote:

    > > And yes, by fairly, I mean fairly among all threads as a base
    > > resource class, because that's what Linux has always done
    > Yes, there are potential compatibility problems. Example: a machine
    > with 100 busy httpd processes and suddenly a big gzip starts up from
    > console or cron.
    > Under current kernels, that gzip will take ages and the httpds will
    > take a 1% slowdown, which may well be exactly the behaviour which is
    > desired.
    > If we were to schedule by UID then the gzip suddenly gets 50% of the
    > CPU and those httpd's all take a 50% hit, which could be quite
    > serious.
    > That's simple to fix via nicing, but people have to know to do that,
    > and there will be a transition period where some disruption is
    > possible.

    hmmmm. How about the following then: default to nice -10 for all
    (SCHED_NORMAL) kernel threads and all root-owned tasks. Root _is_
    special: root already has disk space reserved to it, root has special
    memory allocation allowances, etc. I dont see a reason why we couldnt by
    default make all root tasks have nice -10. This would be instantly loved
    by sysadmins i suspect ;-)

    (distros that go the extra mile of making Xorg run under non-root could
    also go another extra one foot to renice that X server to -10.)

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