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SubjectRe: Loud "pop" coming from hard drive on reboot
Mark Lord wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>> + if (dev->needs_flush && ata_try_flush_cache(dev)) {
>>> return ata_scsi_flush_xlat;
>>> + dev->needs_flush = 0;
>> Works better if you swap the dev-> and return lines
> Heh, yeah, I noticed that!
> Here it is, *tested* now, with another fix.
> It would be nice if somebody who can hear the "pop" would also test this,
> as it will confirm that this is a complete fix for the problem.

You'll probably be able to here the "pop" on sleep-to-disk.

> My "pop" drives are busy elsewhere right now.
> Tejun might use something like this, or do something better in libata-core,
> but it's still helpful to have confirmation that we're on the right track.

Yeap, I was thinking about more conservative check but this looks simple
and sweet. :-)

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