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SubjectRe: ZFS with Linux: An Open Plea
* Theodore Tso:

> we can continue trying to innovate around better filesystem and LVM
> storage technologies, as opposed to trying to chase the ZFS tail
> lights.

Indeed. Here's a gem from the official ZFS FAQ:

| What can I do if ZFS panics on every boot?
| ZFS is designed to survive arbitrary hardware failures through the
| use of redundancy (mirroring or RAID-Z). Unfortunately, certain
| failures in non-replicated configurations can cause ZFS to panic
| when trying to load the pool. This is a bug, and will be fixed in
| the near future (along with several other nifty features like
| background scrubbing and the ability to see a list of corrupted
| files). In the meantime, if you find yourself in the situation
| where you cannot boot due to a corrupt pool, do the followng:
| 1. boot using '-m milestone=none'
| 2. # mount -o remount /
| 3. # rm /etc/zfs/zpool.cache
| 4. # reboot
| This will remove all knowledge of pools from your system. You will
| have to re-create your pool and restore from backup.


I keep hoping that this FAQ entry is outdated, but the date on that
page is rather current. 8-/
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