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SubjectRe: AppArmor FAQ
Karl MacMillan <> writes:

> No - the real fix is to change the applications or to run under a policy
> that confines all applications. Most of the problems with resolv.conf,
> mtab, etc. stem from admin processes (e.g., editors or shell scripts)
> all running under the same unconfined domain.
> In some cases applications need modification as only the application has
> enough information to determine the correct label. Usually this means
> preserving labels from input files or separating the output into
> distinct directories so type transitions or label inheritance will work.
> restorecond is just a hack not a requirement or a sign that something is
> wrong with the model. That is why it is a userspace application and not
> integrated into the kernel mechanism.

You nicely show one of the major disadvantages of the label model vs the path
model here: it requires modification of a lot of applications.

Maybe John can borrow your statement for new versions of his FAQ @)

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