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    SubjectGIT and the current -stable
    Good day.

    Stumbling around with git here. I'd like to use git to efficiently track the
    current -stable as well as -current. Say, my local tree is a clone of
    Linus current:

    git clone \
    git:// local

    I then branch off a 2.6.20 branch:

    cd local
    git checkout -b v2.6.20 v2.6.20

    to now update to the current -stable I could do:

    git pull \

    each time that a new -stable is released. Rather though, I'd like a simple
    "git pull" to do this while on this branch while a "git pull" while back on
    the master branch pulls from the originally cloned Linus repo again.

    Is this possible? Do I want it to be? Comments like "work like this instead"
    welcome as well; figuring out what the heck it is that I want from git seems
    to be one of the most difficult questions to answer...

    Currently using git


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