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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] make kthread_create() more scalable
Andrew Morton <> writes:
> OK, I fixed that up.
> The next patch (make-kthread_stop-scalable) removes the find_task_by_pid()
> anyway.

Ok. Neat. I still need to review these a little more I have a different
set of criteria, but it is interesting work..

> Our kthread creation performance will be pretty poor anyway, due to the
> need to do two (or more?) context switches. If we ever need
> super-low-latency kernel thread creation (eg, on-demand threads for AIO)
> then that code would need to go direct to kernel_thread(), I guess.

Sure. AIO is a little bit of a different beast as it is IO for user space.

If low latency is important for starting kernel threads the right
answer would be to dig into the code and have a version rewrite
kernel_thread so that we copied a reference process instead of the

Right now my practical target is killing all of the kernel threads
started with kernel_thread that then call daemonize. So we can remove
daemonize, as it is a serious maintenance hazard. kthread needs just
a little bit more work to support that.

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