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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/8] Add container pointer on struct page
Hi Pavel,

I have been implied in the work for the
memory controller of res groups a few months ago.

I see that you propose to modify the struct
page to point to rss container struct.
This has made some debate because of the struct
page size increase, but this allows a quicker
scan to reclaim pages (I mean having per-container
lists of active/inactive pages).
We (here at Bull and others) proposed this implementation
for res groups and I am interested in knowing
if this has a chance of being accepted today (hope so).
I know this uses memory for internal management
and increases a lot the memory size used for
a large memory configuration, but in that case
we have lot of memory, so where is the issue ?
We tested this on a 28 GB server and it worked.
Also we can use larger page size to reduce
the overhead, and I believe this makes sense
on large servers with big memory.

So we balance between using more memory internally
and so getting faster access to pages for reclaim,
or do nothing. ;-)


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