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SubjectRe: [lm-sensors] Could the k8temp driver be interfering with ACPI?

> > Actually for the acpi stuff... we might wrap ACPI interpretter with a
> > semaphore that needs to be taken before starting any AML code. Then
> > just make sure sensors take same semaphore?
> I like the idea, it should work as long as we are guaranteed that all
> the hwmon device accesses happen in the AML code? I'm not familiar with
> ACPI, so you tell me.
> In practice it's rather the SMBus drivers which will need to take the
> lock, as this is what the AML code will access (for SMBus-based
> hardware monitoring drivers.) For non-SMBus based hardware monitoring
> drivers, indeed the driver itself should take it. We will have to pay
> attention to deadlocks on systems with multiple hardware monitoring
> chips and/or SMBus channels.
> Can you please provide a patch implementing your proposal in acpi? Then
> I could implement the i2c/hwmon part on some selected drivers and start
> testing real world scenarii.

I'm sorry, but I do not have time for a patch.... and I'm not really
acpi expert, anyway. Ask Len?
(cesky, pictures)
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