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Subjectquestion about periodic clocks
How does the clock period get set on periodic timers?  In my clock
driver, I'm seeing a call to ->set_mode(CLOCK_EVT_MODE_PERIODIC, evt),
but then... nothing. I was expecting a call to set_next_event to set
the timer period.

The calltrace is:

#0 xen_new_set_mode (mode=CLOCK_EVT_MODE_PERIODIC, evt=0xc10a2ac0)
at arch/i386/xen/time.c:275
#1 0xc01323da in clockevents_set_mode (dev=0xc10a2ac0,
mode=CLOCK_EVT_MODE_PERIODIC) at kernel/time/clockevents.c:64
#2 0xc0132854 in tick_setup_periodic (dev=0xc10a2ac0,
broadcast=<value optimized out>) at kernel/time/tick-common.c:111

and tick_setup_periodic does just call clockevents_set_mode, but nothing
to set a period.

Am I supposed to assume some default period? HZ? (That's what hpet
seems to do.)

Is set_next_event only ever called if the timer is in ONESHOT mode?

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