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    SubjectRe: [RFC][Patch 2/6] integrity: fs hook placement
    On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 09:40 -0800, Chris Wright wrote:
    > * Serge E. Hallyn ( wrote:
    > > Are you objecting only to the duplication at the callsites, so that an
    > > fsnotify-type of consolidation of security and integrity hooks would be
    > > ok? Or are you complaining that the security_inode_setxattr and
    > > integrity_inode_setxattr hooks are too similar anyway, and integrity
    > > modules should just use some lsm hooks for anything which will be
    > > authoritative?
    > It's duplication of callsites with many identical implementations
    > that's the problem.
    > > (I could see an argument that integirty subsystem should be purely for
    > > measuring and hence its hooks should never return a value. Only hitch
    > > there is that if integrity subsystem hits ENOMEM it should be able to
    > > refuse the action...)
    > Right, that's what I was expecting to see, just the measurement
    > infrastructure.

    There are a total of 10 Linux Integrity Module(LIM) hooks. Seven of
    which parallel the LSM hooks, out of the ~150 LSM hooks. 3 of the LIM
    hooks are for initializing, allocating, and freeing the inode-
    >i_integrity, used for caching integrity information. As the integrity
    information is stored as extended attributes, 2 hooks are for catching
    changes to the extended attributes, one is for updating the extended
    attributes when the file closes, and d_instantiate is used for
    initialization. Is this excessive? How else would you design
    integrity, without using the LSM hooks?

    Mimi Zohar

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