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    SubjectRe: should RTS init in serial core be tied to CRTSCTS
    On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 03:23:49PM +0100, Oleksiy Kebkal wrote:
    > 2007/3/8, Russell King <>:
    > >On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 08:44:31AM -0500, Robin Getz wrote:
    > >> On Wed 7 Mar 2007 16:30, Oleksiy Kebkal pondered:
    > >> > 2007/3/7, Robin Getz <>:
    > >> > > Right - so the question is where to manage the default state? I was
    > >> > > thinking in the resource might be a good idea, but there isn't
    > >really a
    > >> > > good place for it. (You could re-use some bits if flags, but I think
    > >that
    > >> > > would not be a good idea).
    > >> >
    > >> > /proc/tty/driver/uartN/settings?
    > >> >
    > >>
    > >> That would let you change things are run time, but the problem is at boot
    > >> time. A default setting needs to be set, so when things initialize, and
    > >proc
    > >> does not exist yet, it is still set properly...
    > >
    > >I disagree. "proc does not exist yet" - the only time that applies is
    > >long before userspace as active.
    > >
    > >As I've said already, having a console on the same port as your application
    > >program is just asking for trouble. All bets are off - the kernel _will_
    > >corrupt your data stream in random places.
    > >
    > >Don't do it - it will _NEVER_ be reliable.
    > >
    > >Never, ever, mix kernel consoles with application serial ports.
    > Ok. I understand now one of the sources of misunderstanding. I don't
    > want to mix console and application serial port.

    It's not a misunderstanding if you realise that email is threaded and
    you _follow_ the individual threads. Robin has a similar concern to
    you but _additionally_ wants something that you don't.

    So really to remove the "confusion" from this discussion you should
    avoid trying to correct replies to Robin's emails.

    > The other problem is how to open serial port with correct settings
    > _after_ booting. In this case /proc could be applicable, isn't it?

    Doubt it with todays opinions about /proc contents. Probably more
    appropriate in sysfs, if someone can be bothered to do the work
    required to properly integrate tty and sysfs.

    Don't look at me; I'm not doing very much with serial anymore.

    Russell King
    Linux kernel 2.6 ARM Linux -
    maintainer of:
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