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    SubjectRe: 2.6.21-rc2 regression vs. 2.6.20: AT keyboard only works with pci=noacpi

    On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Ash Milsted wrote:
    > So, I tracked this down to 2.6.21-git7, the first snapshot that gives me
    > this problem.

    Hmm. There is no "2.6.21-git7" (that would be the seventh nightly snapshot
    after 2.6.21 is released, which hasn't happened yet!).

    Do you mean that it happens between 2.6.20-git6 and 2.6.20-git7? That
    would be git commits (the way to get them is to look at the "*.id" file
    that is associated with a snapshot):

    66efc5a7e3061c3597ac43a8bb1026488d57e66b -git6
    509cb37e173d4e39cec47238397e91b718730794 -git7

    and yes, doing a

    gitk 66efc5a7..509cb37e

    does show an input merge.

    > Tellingly it does contain an input tree merge. I would git bisect
    > but I don't have a local copy of the tree - I tried to get one, but it stopped
    > halfway through the clone, probably because I had to use http... So, I hope that
    > helps.

    Can you try "rsync"? It's not a great protocol in general, but it's
    perfectly fine for an initial clone..

    After that, since you have already narrowed it down to a particular
    nightly snapshot, you could do the bisection startign from the known
    commits already:

    git bisect start
    git bisect good 66efc5a7 # 2.6.20-git6 was good
    git bisect bad 509cb37e # 2.6.20-git7 was bad

    and you'll have less than 500 commits to test (which is quite fast to

    If you want to do some manual checking first (ie guessing that the
    bad behaviour came from that particular input merge), you could first try
    out commit 2a598df5, which is the head commit before of the merged input
    tree (this is all trivial to see with the above "gitk" - the SHA1's may
    sound scary and esoteric, but they're really easy to look up).

    That manual check (*if* it turns out that 2a598df5 is indeed the bad one)
    would cut down the range from good to bad to just 18 commits (the range
    would be 66efc5a7..2a598df5), and then you should be able to pinpoint the
    exact bad one from just a few reboots..

    (If you have to bisect all 500 commits, it would be ~10 reboots rather
    than four or five).

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