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    SubjectRe: [patch 097/101] revert "drivers/net/tulip/dmfe: support basic carrier detection"
    On Wed, 07 Mar 2007 09:12:12 -0800
    Greg KH <> wrote:

    > From: Andrew Morton <>
    > Revert 7628b0a8c01a02966d2228bdf741ddedb128e8f8. Thomas Bachler
    > reports:
    > Commit 7628b0a8c01a02966d2228bdf741ddedb128e8f8 (drivers/net/tulip/dmfe:
    > support basic carrier detection) breaks networking on my Davicom DM9009.
    > ethtool always reports there is no link. tcpdump shows incoming packets,
    > but TX is disabled. Reverting the above patch fixes the problem.

    Carrier detection support is important and should be fixed rather than removed.

    Stephen Hemminger <>
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