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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] resource control file system - aka containers on top of nsproxy!
On 3/7/07, Srivatsa Vaddagiri <> wrote:
> > - when you do sys_unshare() or a clone that creates new namespaces,
> > then the task (or its child) will get a new nsproxy that has the rcfs
> > subsystem state associated with the old nsproxy, and one or more
> > namespace pointers cloned to point to new namespaces. So this means
> > that the nsproxy for the task is no longer the nsproxy associated with
> > any directory in rcfs. (So the task will disappear from any "tasks"
> > file in rcfs?)
> it "should" disappear yes, although I haven't carefully studied the
> unshare requirements yet.

That seems bad. With the current way you're doing it, if I mount
hierarchies A and B on /mnt/A and /mnt/B, then initially all tasks are
in /mnt/A/tasks and /mnt/B/tasks. If I then create /mnt/A/foo and move
a process into it, that process disappears from /mnt/B/tasks, since
its nsproxy no longer matches the nsproxy of B's root container. Or am
I missing something?

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