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SubjectRe: Xen & VMI?

* Gerd Hoffmann <> wrote:

> Oh, and btw: What was the reason why kvm paravirtualization doesn't
> use the vmi interface?

cleanliness and performance: KVM doesnt need any artificial indirection.
IMO the GPL-ed ROM portion of VMI was a bad idea to begin with. Also,
lguest and KVM is Linux-internal, so there's a natural match between the
guest and the host APIs.

> > yes, just like we have thousands of separate PC boards to support.
> > But as long as the basic ABI is the same, the QA effort on the Linux
> > kernel side is alot more focused.
> xen and vmware are still two very different hypervisors from the
> memory mangement point of view. I doubt moving the abstraction line
> within the linux kernel from paravirt_ops to vmi makes QA easier.

well, the VMI patches got into Linux with the claim that it's also
useful for Xen. So that claim was ... not actually true?

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