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    SubjectRe: Xen & VMI?
    Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > btw., while we have everyone on the phone and talking ;) Technologically
    > it would save us a whole lot of trouble in Linux if 'external'
    > hypervisors could standardize around a single ABI - such as VMI. Is
    > there any deep reason why Xen couldnt use VMI to talk to Linux? I
    > suspect a range of VMI vectors could be set aside for Xen's dom0 (and
    > other) APIs that have no current VMI equivalent - if there's broad
    > agreement on the current 60+ base VMI vectors that center around basic
    > x86 CPU capabilities - which make up the largest portion of our
    > paravirtualization complexity. Pipe dream?

    IIRC there was some proof-of-concept at least for xen guests.

    > there are already 5 major hypervisors we are going to support (in
    > alphabetical order):
    > - KVM
    > - lguest
    > - Windows
    > - VMWare
    > - Xen
    > the QA matrix is gonna be a _mess_.

    I fail to see how xen-via-vmirom instead of xen-via-paravirt_ops reduces
    the QA effort. You still have 5 Hypervisors you have to test against.


    Gerd Hoffmann <>
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