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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] RSDL completely fair starvation free interactive cpu scheduler
On Tuesday 06 March 2007 10:05, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> jos poortvliet wrote:
> > Well, imho his current staircase scheduler already does a better job
> > compared to mainline, but it won't make it in (or at least, it's not
> > likely). So we can hope this WILL make it into mainline, but I wouldn't
> > count on it.
> Wrong problem, what is really needed is to get CPU scheduler choice into
> mainline, just as i/o scheduler finally did. Con has noted that for some
> loads this will present suboptimal performance, as will his -ck patches,
> as will the default scheduler. Instead of trying to make ANY one size
> fit all, we should have a means to select, at runtime, between any of
> the schedulers, and preferably to define an interface by which a user
> can insert a new scheduler in the kernel (compile in, I don't mean
> plugable) with clear and well defined rules for how that can be done.

Been there, done that. Wli wrote the infrastructure for plugsched; I took his
code and got it booting and ported 3 or so different scheduler designs. It
allowed you to build as few or as many different schedulers into the kernel
and either boot the only one you built into your kernel, or choose a
scheduler at boot time. That code got permavetoed by both Ingo and Linus.
After that I gave up on that code and handed it over to Peter Williams who
still maintains it. So please note that I pushed the plugsched barrow
previously and still don't think it's a bad idea, but the maintainers think
it's the wrong approach.

RSDL is my attempt to create a cpu scheduler to try to do everything well
instead of some things perfectly, to be best fit when trying to shoehorn it
into any environment.

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