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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm 1/5] Blackfin: blackfin architecture patch update
Paul Mundt wrote:
>> +comment "Memory Optimizations"
>> +
>> +config I_ENTRY_L1
>> + bool "Locate interrupt entry code in L1 Memory"
>> + default y
>> + help
>> + If enabled interrupt entry code (STORE/RESTORE CONTEXT) is linked
>> + into L1 instruction memory.(less latency)
>> +
> Wow, this is really crying out for a special linker section with slightly
> more intelligent relocation logic. You should flag the performance
> critical parts to be located in L1 memory directly with a section
> attribute, rather than making everything selectable. If you overflow you
> can simply spill in to main memory.

This is done intentionally, because it's also possible for user code to
be loaded into L1 memory. We want to give users the option to avoid
filling it all up with kernel code.

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