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SubjectRe: [ck] [ANNOUNCE] RSDL completely fair starvation free interactive cpu scheduler
On Sunday 04 March 2007 18:00, Con Kolivas wrote:
> This message is to announce the first general public release of the
> "Rotating Staircase DeadLine" cpu scheduler.
> Based on previous work from the staircase cpu scheduler I set out to
> design, from scratch, a new scheduling policy design which satisfies every
> requirement for SCHED_NORMAL (otherwise known as SCHED_OTHER) task
> management.
> Available for download are:
> A full rollup of the patch for 2.6.20:

It's probably worth mentioning that this scheduler shows a not insignificant
improvement in the mysql test case that recently received a lot of publicity.
Why exactly that's the case I'm not sure but it may help track down what is
actually responsible for the performance drop off as well. Note that the SMP
balancing of this cpu scheduler is essentially unchanged from the mainline

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