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    SubjectRe: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH 7/7] containers (V7): Container interface to nsproxy subsystem
    On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 12:15:28AM -0800, wrote:
    > +int ns_container_clone(struct task_struct *tsk)
    > +{
    > + return container_clone(tsk, &ns_subsys);
    > +}

    This function is a no-op if ns hierarchy is not mounted at this point.
    This would mean that we will miss out on some directories in ns
    hierarchy if it happened to be mounted later. It would be nice to
    recreate such missing directories upon mount. However I suspect it would
    not be easy ..Maybe we need to scan the task list and (re-)invoke
    ns_container_clone() for every new tsk->nsproxy we find in the list.
    Alternately perhaps we could auto mount (kern_mount) ns hierarchy very early at
    bootup? On the flip side that would require remount support so that additional
    controllers (like cpuset, mem) can be bound to (non-empty) ns hierarchy after

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