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    SubjectRe: userspace pagecache management tool
    Andrew Morton wrote:

    > Well, backup programs are a unique case. Let's say instead that the user
    > has just generated a 600MB ISO image.
    > The kernel *just doesn't know* whether the user will next try to read the
    > kernel tree or will next try to read that ISO image.
    > That, Rik, is my point, and is the entire point of this work.

    I still don't understand why "the backup program flushed my data out
    of the cache with POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED" is an improvement over "the
    backup program flushed my data out of the cache by reading other files".

    Your code may be useful for a few specialized situations, but I don't
    see it actually fixing most of the examples you gave in your
    announcement, except for the DVD copying one.

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