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    SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] [RFC] HID bus design overview.
    On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Li Yu wrote:

    > I also sense this. we may need not such a complete layer at all.
    > Although the work of hiddev/rawdev support does not begin, however, as
    > the design, especially, let hiddev/rawdev live in HIDAL, I think this
    > may need a bit of abstract of transport layer.

    JFYI the preliminary version of the hidraw interface is now in the
    hid/usbhid git tree, and has also been in a few recent -mm kernels

    > In current development implementation, the match process still can work
    > in traditional Vendor ID/Product ID way, but it do not reject other
    > means. If the author of driver hope to match for specific HID report,
    > just do it. In fact, the HIDAL only know the result of match process,
    > not how to do it.

    The crucial thing here is that all reports but the ones that the driver
    registered to will be processed in a standard way by the generic hid bus
    layer, and those reports that the driver registered to will be ignored by
    the layer, and passed for processing to the driver.

    > Er, What's mean of your "HUT", HID Usage Table? if so, I think I have
    > already explained we can do it.However, we should supply some convenient
    > API for this work. or HIT is other mysterious thing? ;)

    Yes, HUT is Hid Usage Table. You can obtain them from


    Jiri Kosina
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