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    SubjectRe: [patch resend v4] update ctime and mtime for mmaped write
    > > Yes, this will make msync(MS_ASYNC) more heavyweight again.  But if an
    > > application doesn't want to update the timestamps, it should just omit
    > > this call, since it does nothing else.
    > Er... FWIW, I have an application that makes heavy use of msync(MS_ASYNC)
    > and doesn't care about timestamps. (In fact, sometimes it's configured
    > to write to a raw device and there are no timestamps.)
    > It's used as a poor man's portable async I/O. The application logs
    > data to disk, and sometimes needs to sync it to disk to ensure it has
    > all been written.
    > To reduce long pauses when doing msync(MS_SYNC), it does msync(MS_ASYNC)
    > as soon as a page is filled up to prompt asynchronous writeback.
    > "I'm done writing this page and don't intend to write it again.
    > Please start committing it to stable storage, but don't block me."
    > Then, occasionally, there's an msync(MS_SYNC) call to be sure the data
    > is synced to disk. This caused annoying hiccups before the MS_ASYNC
    > calls were added.
    > I agree that msync(MS_ASYNC) has no semantics if time is ignored.
    > But it's a useful way to tell the OS that the page is not going
    > to be dirtied again.

    Just to clarify, here's the header comment for sys_msync():

    * MS_SYNC syncs the entire file - including mappings.
    * MS_ASYNC does not start I/O (it used to, up to 2.5.67).
    * Nor does it marks the relevant pages dirty (it used to up to 2.6.17).
    * Now it doesn't do anything, since dirty pages are properly tracked.
    * The application may now run fsync() to
    * write out the dirty pages and wait on the writeout and check the result.
    * Or the application may run fadvise(FADV_DONTNEED) against the fd to start
    * async writeout immediately.
    * So by _not_ starting I/O in MS_ASYNC we provide complete flexibility to
    * applications.

    It's actually wrong about FADV_DONTNEED, which I think doesn't start
    writeout either. So there you have it ;)

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