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SubjectRe: [4/5] 2.6.21-rc5: known regressions
Marcus Better <> writes:

>> Subject : second suspend to disk in a row results in an oops (MSI)
>> References :
>> Submitter : Thomas Meyer <>
>> Frédéric Riss <>
>> Marcus Better <>
>> Handled-By : Eric W. Biederman <>
>> Patch :
>> Status : patch was suggested
> For the sake of completeness, my bisection resulted in this:
> 392ee1e6dd901db6c4504617476f6442ed91f72d is first bad commit
> commit 392ee1e6dd901db6c4504617476f6442ed91f72d
> Author: Eric W. Biederman <>
> Date: Thu Mar 8 13:04:57 2007 -0700
> [PATCH] msi: Safer state caching.

Right. However if this is what Thomas was seeing the problem turned
out to be an issue with pci_enable_device changing the irq number.
It just happens that now the code cares, so the bug is found.

Marcus any chance I could see an oops? Or you could try the patch I
previously posted when debugging this with Thomas.

I'm going to clean that patch up and send it along in hopes that it
helps anyway and see where we land.

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