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    SubjectRe: [Patch 4/7] integrity: IMA integrity_measure() support
    On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 12:09:50 -0400 Mimi Zohar <> wrote:

    > This is a re-release of Integrity Measurement Architecture(IMA) as a
    > method of providing support for the integrity service framework API
    > integrity_measure() call. When integrity_measure() is called, IMA
    > submits the measurement (hash) of the file to the TPM chip, for
    > inclusion in one of the chip's Platform Configuration Registers (PCR).
    > IMA also keeps a list of all file names and hashes that have been
    > submitted to the TPM, which can be viewed through securityfs. By
    > separately requesting a TPM_Quote from the chip, an application can
    > get a chip-signed value of the PCR, which, along with the list of
    > measurements from IMA, can be used to attest, or prove to a third
    > party, the validity of the hash list. (The tpm-3.2.1 package includes
    > example TPM applications for creating keys, and performing the
    > TPM_Quote operation.)
    > IMA can be included or excluded in the kernel configuration. If
    > included in the kernel, IMA can also be enabled or disabled on the
    > kernel command line with evm_enable_ima=0.

    It breaks the ia64 build:

    ima_fs_cleanup: discarded in section `.exit.text' from security/built-in.o

    it's calling an __exit function from a non-_-exit function.

    I'll remove the __exit tag from ima_fs_cleanup(), but that's the wrong fix
    - really the caller should be fixed but it's all tangled up in a quite
    unnecessary inlined function.

    I must say that this code doesn't leave an impression of having sufficient
    overall quality. It needs some caring for.
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