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    SubjectRE: how can I touch softlockup watchdog on all cpus?
    > You didn't explain _why_ you need to sleep for such a long time,
    > and as you didn't give a pointer to your code, there's not
    > much people can do to recommend changes other than "don't do that".

    The code which is executed between the local_irq_disable and enable,
    is just a function call into our companies bios (e.g. for updating itself)
    and the long time is just 15 sec. while the bios has full control and OS is halted.
    So I can't change anything at this point, but I need to fetch the watchdog,
    cause it is not so nice, if there is a big BUG output on console while the
    computer updates it's bios, very trustworthy isn't it :).

    Ciao Thilo
    @Dave: sorry that I send a direct mail :(
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