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SubjectRe: max_loop limit
> You might want a more radical patch : 

I agree that my patch is not the perfect solution for max_loop problem.
But it nearly doubles max_loop for me (using 386 arch) and moreover it
is a FIX for incorrect implementation in kernel IMHO. So I can see
REASON to include it in Kernel. Do I cry at the correct tomb? :)

> Instead of using :
> ::
> Switch to :
> ::

I'm not any professional kernel hacker, so I don't understand the
mysteries regarding ** (pointers to pointers?). Is there anyone who
could provide CLEAN patch for loop.c, which would raise the max_loop
limit to (at least) 1024 and which would be ACCEPTED to mainline kernel
any soon?

I'm offering MONEY for this task.
Let's say $256 ;-)
I hope I didn't offend anyone by this offer.

Tomas M
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