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    SubjectRe: max_loop limit
    > 255 loop devices are insufficient? What kind of scenario do you have
    > in mind?

    Thank you very much for replying.

    In 1981, Bill Gates said that 64KB of memory is enough for everybody.
    And you know how much RAM do you have right now. :)

    Every limit is bad. The limit of 255 loop devices has been introduced
    years ago, in the times when minor device number has been limited by
    255. Nowadays, there is no such limitation.

    There are many possible/reasonable uses for more than 255 loop devices.
    For example CD/ISO server. My project, Slax Linux live, is based on
    modular approach where many parts of the root filesystem are stored
    separately in compressed read-only loop files, and are mounted and
    unioned to a single root by using union fs (aufs).

    The question is not "Why do we need more than 255 loops?".
    The question should be "Why do we need the hardcoded 255-limit in kernel
    while there is no reason for it at all?"

    My patch simply removes the hardcoded limitation.

    Tomas M

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