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SubjectRe: The performance and behaviour of the anti-fragmentation related patches
Martin Bligh wrote:
>>> None of this is going anywhere, is is it?
>> I will test my changes before I send them to you, but I cannot
>> promise you that you'll have the computers or software needed
>> to reproduce the problems. I doubt I'll have full time access
>> to such systems myself, either.
>> 32GB is pretty much the minimum size to reproduce some of these
>> problems. Some workloads may need larger systems to easily trigger
>> them.
> We can find a 32GB system here pretty easily to test things on if
> need be. Setting up large commercial databases is much harder.

That's my problem, too.

There does not seem to exist any single set of test cases that
accurately predicts how the VM will behave with customer

The one thing I can do relatively easily is go through a few
hundred bugzillas and figure out what kinds of problems have
been plaguing the VM consistently over the last few years.
I just finished doing that, and am trying to come up with
fixes for the problems that just don't seem to be easily
fixable with bandaids...

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