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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01 of 33] IB/ipath - add ability to set and clear IB local loopback
This patch format is somewhat inconvenient:

> # HG changeset patch
> # User Bryan O'Sullivan <>

I assume this is the real author of the patch (as opposed to the
sender of the email)? git would prefer to see

From: Bryan O'Sullivan <>

in the body of the email.

> # Date 1173994464 25200
> # Node ID b1d05f3486f8bba1dd3c5cbca39f06a5e1b3d6fb
> # Parent 0d37971d4ab0c8b6f7a8f6e8222112321982498f

And all of these "#" lines get put into the patch description.

> IB/ipath - add ability to set and clear IB local loopback

No need to duplicate the subject line.

And incidentally, it would be better to use "IB/ipath: " instead of
"IB/ipath -" as a prefix, to match the canonical style of
"<subsystem>: " for patch headers.

Don't worry about resending, I can fix this up, but it would be nice
not to have to worry about it.
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