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SubjectRe: RSDL v0.31
Al Boldi wrote:
> Mike, I'm not saying RSDL is perfect, but v0.31 is by far better than
> mainline. Try this easy test:
> startx with the vesa driver
> run reflect from the mesa5.0-demos
> load 5 cpu-hogs
> start moving the mouse
> On my desktop, mainline completely breaks down, and no nicing may rescue.
> On RSDL, even without nicing, the desktop is at least useable.

I use a simpler, far more common (for lkml participants) workload:

Dell notebook, single P-M-2GHz, ATI X300, open source
(1) build a kernel in one window with "make -j$((NUMBER_OF_CPUS + 1))".
(2) try to read email and/or surf in Firefox/Thunderbird.

Stock scheduler wins easily, no contest.

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