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SubjectRe: RSDL v0.31
> So in an attempt to summarise the situation, what are the advantages of RSDL
> over mainline.
> Fairness

why do you think fairness is good, especially always good?

> Starvation free

even starvation is sometimes a good thing - there's a place for processes
that only use the CPU if it is otherwise idle. that is, they are
deliberately starved all the rest of the time.

> Much lower and bound latencies

in an average sense? also, under what circumstances does this actually
matter? (please don't offer something like RT audio on an overloaded machine-
that's operator error, not something to design for.)

> Deterministic

not a bad thing, but how does this make itself apparent and of value
to the user? I think everyone is extremely comfortable with non-determinism
(stemming from networks, caches, interleaved workloads, etc)

> Better interactivity for the majority of cases.

how is this measured? is this statement really just a reiteration of
the latency claim?

> Now concentrating on the very last aspect since that seems to be the sticking
> point.

nah, I think the fairness and latency claims are the real issues.
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