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SubjectRe: [ck] Re: RSDL v0.31
Op Saturday 17 March 2007, schreef Ingo Molnar:
> so it is not at all clear to me that RSDL is indeed an improvement, if
> it does not have comparable auto-nice properties.

Wasn't the point of RSDL to get rid of the auto-nice, because it caused
starvation, unpredictable behaviour and other problems?

Anyway, I think it's a good thing we keep having a look at mike's problem, but
it's not clear to me how far he got in solving it. Does the latest patch
solve the interactivity problem, providing X is niced -10 (or something)???

If it does, I think that's the solution - at least until the X ppl fix X
itself. Distributions can just go back renicing X (they did that before,
after all), and the biggest problem is fixed. Then all other users can have
the improvements RSDL offers, the developers can rejoice over the simpler and
cleaner design and code, and everybody is happy.

If it doesn't solve the problem, more work is in order. I think ignoring a
clear regression to mainline, no matter how rare, isn't smart. It might
indicate an underlying problem, and even if it doesn't - you don't want ppl
complaining the new kernel isn't interactive anymore or something...



Alles wat ik doe denk en zeg is gebaseerd op het wereldbeeld wat ik nu heb.
Ik ben niet verantwoordelijk voor wijzigingen van de wereld, of het beeld wat
ik daarvan heb, noch voor de daaruit voortvloeiende gedragingen van mezelf.
Alles wat ik zeg is aardig bedoeld, tenzij expliciet vermeld.
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