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SubjectRe: RSDL v0.31

* Nicholas Miell <> wrote:

> > I'm saying that the current scheduler adjusts for interactive loads,
> > this new one doesn't. I'm seeing interactivity regressions, and
> > they are not fixed with nice unless nice is used to maximum effect.
> > I'm saying yes, I can lower my expectations, but no I don't want to.
> Uh, no. Essentially, the current scheduler works around X's
> brokenness, in an often unpredictable manner.

No. The two schedulers simply use different heuristics. RSDL uses _less_
heuristics, and thus gets some workloads right that the heuristics in
the current scheduler got wrong. But it also gets some other workloads

so basically, the current scheduler has a built-in "auto-nice" feature,
while RSDL relies more on manual assignment of nice values.

if you want no heuristics at all you can do it in the current scheduler:
use SCHED_BATCH on your shell and start up X with that. I'd not mind
tweaking SCHED_BATCH with an RSDL-alike timeslice quota system.

so it is not at all clear to me that RSDL is indeed an improvement, if
it does not have comparable auto-nice properties.

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