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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RESEND 2/2] Fix some kallsyms_lookup() vs rmmod races
    Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > * Paulo Marques <> wrote:
    >>> looking at the problem from another angle: wouldnt this be something
    >>> that would benefit from freeze_processes()/unfreeze_processes(), and
    >>> hence no locking would be required?
    >> I also considered this, but it seemed a little too "blunt" to stop
    >> everything (including completely unrelated processes and kernel
    >> threads) just to remove a module.
    > 'just to remove a module' is very, very rare, on the timescale of most
    > kernel ops. Almost no distro does it. Furthermore, because we want to do
    > CPU-hotplug that way, we really want to make
    > freeze_processes()/unfreeze_processes() 'instantaneous' to the human -
    > and it is that already. (if it isnt in some case we can make it so)

    Ok. I started to look at this approach and realized that module.c
    already does this:

    > ....
    > static int __unlink_module(void *_mod)
    > {
    > struct module *mod = _mod;
    > list_del(&mod->list);
    > return 0;
    > }
    > /* Free a module, remove from lists, etc (must hold module mutex). */
    > static void free_module(struct module *mod)
    > {
    > /* Delete from various lists */
    > stop_machine_run(__unlink_module, mod, NR_CPUS);
    > ....

    However stop_machine_run doesn't seem like the right thing to do,
    because users of the "modules" list don't seem to do anything to prevent
    preemption. Am I missing something?

    Does freeze_processes() / unfreeze_processes() solve this by only
    freezing processes that have voluntarily scheduled (opposed to just
    being preempted)?

    Paulo Marques -

    "The Computer made me do it."
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