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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix vmi time header bug
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Really truly? I think we have a _lot_ of declarations which omit the section
    > qualifier altogether. How come they don't all break too?

    According to the report I have. Perhaps a bogus section qualifier does
    more damage than an omitted one. I'll get gcc / linker version, but
    this could be a combination of user error, a strange toolchain, and
    perhaps a real bug somewhere.

    > (ARM (at least) in fact does require the section tagging on the declaration as
    > well as the definition, but we've thus far only fixed that in a couple of places
    > which were causing breakage).

    Yes, I was surprised by this as well, and I'm still skeptical about this
    being the real cause. Still, this reportedly fixed the problem, and is
    certainly not a bad thing.

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