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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] avoid OPEN_MAX in SCM_MAX_FD
    > I'd actually prefer this as part of the "remove OPEN_MAX" patch.

    Ok. (But now you're going to argue with me about "remove OPEN_MAX",
    and you haven't said you have any problem with changing SCM_MAX_FD,
    so why make it wait?)

    > That said, it actually worries me that you should call "_SC_OPEN_MAX".
    > For example, I know perfectly well that I should use _SC_PATH_MAX, but a
    > *lot* of code simply doesn't care. In git, I used PATH_MAX, and the reason

    Ok, fine. But PATH_MAX is a real constant that has some meaning in the
    kernel. It's perfectly correct to use PATH_MAX as a constant on a system
    like Linux that defines it and means what it says. Conversely, OPEN_MAX
    has no useful relationship with anything the kernel is doing at all.

    > So, what's the likelihood that this will break some old programs? I
    > realize that modern distributions don't put the kernel headers in their
    > user-visible includes any more, but the breakage is most likely exactly
    > for old programs and older distributions.

    Well, I don't know for sure. It doesn't seem all that likely to me (not
    like PATH_MAX), as there has been getdtablesize() since before there was
    OPEN_MAX by that name (not to mention before there was Linux). If things
    use OPEN_MAX as a constant for arrays, they're already broken unless they
    call setrlimit to constrain themselves. Getting things fixed has to start


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